Christ Renews His Parish is a copyrighted parish renewal process that has existed since 1989 and is recommended by the renewal office of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. It has been used as the primary instrument of personal and parish renewal in over 883 parishes in 32 states and 84 Catholic dioceses.
In 2005, 56 new parishes in 26 diocese initiated Christ Renews His Parish. This is one more parish than in 2004. Five news dioceses joined Christ Renews His Parish, a new annual record: Belleville, IL, Jefferson City, MO, Little Rock, AK, Louisville, KY, and Montego Bay, Jamaica. Indiana topped the states again with 11 new parishes. St Louis seeded 7 new parishes.
Numbers are only numbers but the important thing is that 20,000 hearts were touched and all began a new process of building discipleship and community.
The Christ Renews His Parish process has been and is being offered in 1.001 parishes in the United States. In 2006, Christ Renews His Parish process grew by 49 parishes. These parishes encompass 25 diocese in 13 states. Indiana once again headed the state list with 10 new parishes including Spanish only program, “Christo Renueva Su Parroaquia”.
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